Our Process

Our Process

Our buildings must have the eventual user in mind. Whilst providing a sense of enjoyment our buildings must also function at all levels.

The aim of design is to achieve clarity from a complex set of criteria. By understanding the aspirations of the client and extracting the essence from the brief we deliver buildings and projects that hopefully exceed expectations whilst offering consistency in approach and variety in execution.

Understanding the Client and the Brief

We establish clear communication with the client and understand their aspirations and develop the brief with them.


Complex issues can be simplified and the scheme is developed through the brief and site.


Cost v Value is always considered. Team integration of relevant partners and consultants is arranged. Sketch and scheme design is explored.


Thoughtful application of new technology and passive measures is considered on both a site by site basis and a project by project basis. CAD and 3D computer models are used to refine the schemes.


Through experience we understand that clear communication and co-ordination with contractors and specialists allows for an efficient, and enjoyable construction experience.

Efficient management and quality control. Sustainability in design and function. Cost Control. Delivery of final product. Under the CDM Regulations we also act as Principal Designers and employ specialist Health and Safety Consultants on a project by project basis.


We endeavour to ensure that each project delivery retains the initial ambitions of its concept, but we also like to reflect on the completed scheme and understand there are always lessons to be learnt, which can be incorporated in future proposals.